Freethinking, Reflective, Imaginative, Developing Artists (FRIDA), Inc. uses art to promote higher education. FRIDA is an arts education non-profit organization that sparks the intellectual and artistic curiosity of middle school students. We offer middle school participants a rare, integrated experience that uses art to emphasize higher-level critical and analytical thinking and instill the value and commitment to higher education.


FRIDA is unique in that it is run by local young-adults and college students who are dedicated to giving back to their community and seeing the current educational statistics of South Texas improve.


FRIDA has grown rapidly in all aspects since its founding in 2006. Since its start, the organization has served approximately 500 students from all over the Rio Grande Valley and has mobilized 130 college volunteers. In the Spring of 2009 FRIDA ran its first pilot program in Boston, Massachusetts in close collaboration with Tufts University and the Tisch College of Active Citizenship. FRIDA offers low-cost arts education programs during the summer and winter months and hosts community arts-education workshops and galleries featuring student art. In addition, FRIDA works on the overall sustainability, expansion, and development of the organization. FRIDA recently ran its fourth in-school program in Denver, Colorado.

All donations are 100% tax deductible!